Purina Unveils New Statue: Courageous Together


Purina has been leading a non-commercial campaign on supporting victims of domestic violence, and finding ways which people can escape the offenders into pet-friendly domestic violence shelters. This is important because nearly half of all victims refuse to escape their situation – even for a safer place – unless there is somewhere safe for their pets to flee.

A coalition of pet advocates, including Purina, saw through support of the bipartisn PAWS Act in 2018. At that time only about three percent of domestic violence shelters allowed pets ; today that number has grown to 17 percent. However, that’s not good enough, as Purina in partnership with Red Rover created the Purple Leash Project in 2019. And on Good Morning America, Purina CEO Nina Leigh Krueger recently unveiled an inspiring statue by Kristen Visbal (Fearless Girl Statue) which will cross-cross America, depicting a victim of violence and her faithful dog and called Courageous Together.

Here is a (non-commercial) public service announcement from Purina for creating safe places for people and their pets to escape domestic violence. Purina has been involved since before the pandemic, though experts say from the pandemic on through today domestic violence is on the rise.

Nearly a decade ago, a Purina associate read about the difficult decision many abuse survivors with pets are forced to make: stay with an abuser or leave a beloved pet behind. It seemed unfair that pets, who may be the only source of unconditional love and support for a survivor, weren’t considered. It turns out that taking the pet with the human family, keeps the family together and provides stability and emotional support for children. Since pets are so often abused, this also keeps pets safe from harm or the abuser continuing to use the threat of harming the pet as a means for control.

Indeed people and pets ARE better together.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233.