Rain Increasing Tick Disease, Fleas and Heartworm, Steve Dale's Pet World


All the rain is increasing mosquitos (which means heartworm), tick and flea numbers.

Tick disease, particularly Lyme, is on the rise for people and pets. I talk about that HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, and how we can actually do better at protecting our pets compared to protecting ourselves.

  • -Check your pet daily for ticks. If you find one, pull straight out with a tweezer and save for your veterinarian, who will want to see it
  • -Test annually for tick disease (the testing includes Lyme and other tick diseases, as well as heartworm). It’s a simple blood test.
  • -Use a veterinary suggested product – there are many including some with new technology (like Bravecto).
  • – Lyme vaccine for dogs in areas where Lyme is most prevalent.

I also talk about heartworm, and the need to protects dogs and cats too! Here’s more on heartworm.

Tips on dogs and fireworks.

One heartworm preventive, called ProHeart 6, offers six months of protection!

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