Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy on WGN Radio


Animals can help to heal, and Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy dogs do this on a daily basis.

I begin by talking HERE on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World with Susan Burrows, program coordinator at Rainbow, about definitions. What’s the difference between a service dog, a comfort dog, and a dog who partakes in animal-assisted activities, such as animal-assisted therapy? We define the terms, and we point out that some airlines are adjusting their policies, because some people have taken advantage of the system.

Burrows describes what the more than 200 pet therapy Rainbow dogs do at about 100 facilities around the Chicago area. This is the oldest and largest therapy dog program in Chicago. All breeds and mixes are accepted but must pass a test to be certified to partake.

Some groups that benefit from Rainbow are children on the autism spectrum, stroke patients, rehab patients, and others. Rainbow visits more than 20 hospitals, and they even visit libraries.

There’s a recent study that defines if service dogs help individuals with PTSD.

I also speak about why I am so happy that Pennsylvania is considering a state-wide ban of the sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits at pet stores.