The Real Lucille Ball with Stu's Show


Guess who I bump into a WGN-TV, it’s Stu Shostak an old employee (film archivist and videographer) and friend of Lucille Ball. Listen to my Steve Dale’s Other World Podcast with Stu. Boy, the stories he has! Steve Dale interviews Stu Shostak about Lucille Ball

What a cool job this guy has – and still has as weekly show host HERE. 

What was Lucille Ball really like? Stu tells it all! “Yes, she was tough; yes she knew her stuff; yes you did what she said…you break all this down and….”

with Lucille Ball

with Lucille Ball

Can you imagine watching Lucy with Lucy. Stu did that and tells about what that was like.

Lucy’s final TV series was her only failure, and Stu describes the behind-the-scenes story regarding how it occurred that Lucy came back to TV with Life with Lucy. Even the “Lucyiest” of Lucy fans haven’t heard this.

Can you believe John Ritter, as a guest, swallowed a harmonica – how can that work?

with John Ritter on Life with Lucy

with John Ritter on Life with Lucy

If you like classic TV, you’ll love Stu’s Show – as he interviews lots of performers of the classic era of TV.

Here’s the interview I conducted on Steve Dale’s Other World with Wanda Clark, Lucille Ball’s longtime secretary.