Rehab For Cats: Water Therapy Helps Cat


It seems there are drug stores, banks and rehabilitation places around every corner. Now, there are rehab facilities for pets! It’s a great thing, and there are several in the Chicago area and several in most major metro areas. Among their services, hydrotherapy (underwater therapy). Mostly, it’s dogs who benefit, but every one in a while a member of the feline persuasion pops in for a healthful swim.

A beautiful Turkish Van cat

Many dog breeds were bred to swim, and love the water. Others are coaxed in. However, cats are generally not fans.

Swimming has helped one lucky kitty walk again after being paralyzed. Nazzaning, a 6-year-old Turkish Van,
was injured in June and was unable to move her left side. Her owner,
Florence Rostami, took her to the hospital, initially believing she had
broken her paw. The veterinarian told Rostami that Nazzaning’s
condition was much more dire, and that she would have to stay in the hospital.

“I cried so much,” said Rostami, an attorney in New York City – told Pets on Today. “We
were devastated. My mom, my daughter and I stayed in the hospital until
midnight the first night.”

Nazzaning was kept in the hospital for four days, and one by one
various causes of her paralysis were eliminated. Finally, an MRI showed swelling in her vertebrae.

Hydrotherapy was offered an an option, as well as anti-inflammatory medication. There aren’t many cats who love to swim – but it turns out that Turkish Vans are natural Michael Phelps’. 

Nazzaning goes to therapy three times a week, in addition to at-home massages, and stretches several times a day. It turns out that the rehab has help Nazzaning greatly.