Relax, Have a Slice of Turkey


Feeding the amino acid tryptophan to young female pigs makes them less aggressive and easier to manage, according
to a  recent study.

Tryptophan, which is only acquired through diet, is the precursor for
the calming cerebral neurotransmitter serotonin. The supplemented diet raised blood concentrations of tryptophan in
3-month-old female pigs by 180 percent, and by 85 percent in 6-month-old
females, resulting in calmer animals, mainly at the younger age.
Persistent aggression in pigs can cause chronic stress, leading to
poorer welfare.

So, I wonder if the same can be true for people. Before a potential criminal hits the streets – perhaps he should eat a few slices of turkey or grab a handful of nuts to calm down. Other foods high in tryptophan include fish, some fruits, brown rice, nuts and cheeses.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be cool to do a study on aggressive dogs – and determine if they can be treated with turkey in their diets?

Recently, some scientists have said trypohan in turkey doesn’t really make people get snoozy, it’s all the combined food you eat on Thanksgiving that does the trick. However, most anyone who eats turkey at any other time knows it’s got to be the turkey. Maybe foods high in trypophan can replace Ambien, or at least help people with jet lag.