Remembering A Special Dog Over 100 Years Later



Ethel loved to carry sticks. When Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot honored me, I thought it was for my dog’s effort to clean up stray sticks all over the city. Ethel passed in December 2019 (hemangiosarcoma) but her Stick of the Day posts live on. On Mother’s Day, many will deliver flowers to a cemetery to gravesites of moms who have passed. That’s exactly what Rex receives, except instead of flowers, he gets sticks. Rex is a dog who died over 100 years ago. But the fact is the descendents of residents who knew Rex still remember the kind dog.

The loving dog rests next to his person John Snow in the historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

The grave consists of a life-size bronze copy of Rex as a tribute to him made by the residents who to this day deliver sticks to the gravesite.

Also, some locals who have lost their pets come to Rex’s grave, put sticks in his bronze paws, and ask him for a favor, to look after their loving missed pets until they meet them again!

(Special thanks to veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter for this story)