Replying to Wacko Listener, and Talking Chicken Jerky Treat Recall


On this week’s appearance with Bill Moller on WGN Radio, I speak about the recall of chicken jerky treats made in China and I also get very angry at a ridiculous WGN listener:

You can listen HERE.

Hank called in and spoke about his own dog who died of renal failure as a result of eating tainted jerky treats from China.

A “wacko” listener says if you want to own a dog, own a dog, but the government shouldn’t pay to allow you to have a dog. Thing is, the government doesn’t subsidize dog ownership. So that makes no sense. He says living with pets is dangerous because of all the dog attacks. Of course, in truth, dog attacks are quite rare.

Listener’s dogs likes “poopscicles,” and I offer my answer about this condition called Coprophagia.

Kansas is a fan of natural diets, and wants her dog to eat the Joel Furhman (cookbook author) way. And wonders if table scraps aren’t so bad….and they may not be, but too many table scraps can throw off housetraining in dogs, throw off a nutritional balance in pets, and also cause dogs and cats to gain weight.