Report from Giant Vet Conference; CBD for Pets; Wildcat Movie


With Dr. Dana Varble

Listen HERE from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio to Chicago’s own Dr. Dana Varble, chief medical officer North American Veterinary Community VMX Veterinary Conference chats from the Conference in Orlando, FL about new technology which will help your pets in 2023, some introduced at the conference including drugs specifically designed for dogs or cats.

Osteoarthritis in cats happens far more often than anyone ever thought. Solensia is an all-new injectable, approved specifically for arthritis pain in cats. Being an injectable (not a pill) it’s easier to get into cats. There’s also a blood test for cancers hitting the market any moment. Also heat diffusion imaging which can simply be held over a concerning lump or bump on a dog, determining a biopsy may be necessary. With funding from the EveryCat Health Foundation a drug is waiting approval which treats effectively the once fatal disease called feline infectious peritonitis.

CBD for Pets

With Dr. Joe Wakshlag

So does CBD help pets or not? HEAR Dr. Joe Wakshlag, professor Cornell University and chief medical officer ElleVet Sciences researches CBD and pets discusses the results of recent studies. He explains what the laws are regarding CBD, and also warns that the specific CBD product you do choose does make a difference.


Wildcat is a docudrama featuring Harry Turner with another researcher Samantha Zwicker living in the jungle. Harry explains here what that was really like and his passion, re-introducing a young ocelot (a species of endangered wildcat) into the jungle. Harry was writing the playbook, since no one had done this before with an Ocelot. He also makes an ocelot call. Harry’s commitment to this  process was extraordinary.

Also discussed how Harry’s dealing with PTSD as a veteran, which led to a potential suicide attempt, all is seen in the movie.

Wildcat is most certainly a moving story, available on Amazon Prime.

Standing Up for Pugs, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Similar Breeds

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association calls out extreme breeding of brachycephalic breeds an international canine welfare crisis.