Reptile Awareness Day


Reptile Awareness Day was October 21, in case you missed it.

Some reptiles make great pets, including Northern Blue-Tongue Skinks. This is our pet skink, Cosette.

Other great beginner reptile choices include (but aren’t limited to) Bearded Dragon lizards, Leopard Geckoes and Corn Snakes. Indeed, reptile pets bring a bit of the natural world into our concrete worlds. Also, they’re a great way for children (of the right age with the right pet) to learn about responsibility, and also nature. However, do understand the commitment and lifetime of care required, including veterinary care. For example, Cosette recently celebrated her 20th birthday – which is very cold for a Northern Blue-Tongue Skink.

Here, Dr. Laurie Hess and I talk about the right reptile (or exotic) pet for you. Dr. Laurie is the author of “Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of An Exotic Animal Doctor.”