Robert Hudson Pivots: Buster and Dickens


Pet blogger and podcaster Robert Hudson demonstrates a can do entrepreneurial spirit. He explains on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show how he took matters into his own paws after suffering a horrible life-changing event. “People think it will never happen to them – but it sure happened to me. ”

So, here’s what Robert did – he created a unique pet website:

Buster and Dickens is a home based pet boutique named after Buster Boy, a mixed breed twelve year old dog and Dickens a blue eyed cutie that lived to be 15 years old.

For dogs  there’s a special place on the site for little dogs. One example are treats easy to swallow for small dogs or geriatric dogs. There are also various cat products.

Alternative protein treats which can be hard to come by are available such as bison, boar, pheasant and rabbit treats.

And does your dog or cat need a bow-tie for a special event? Busteranddickens offers several choices.