Robin Bennett: Lowdown on Dog Parks and Dog Daycare and Kennelling


Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett is a certified dog trainer and co-founder of and

Listen HERE to Robin offering many helpful pointers and expert advice from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Robin agrees that dog parks (or dog friendly areas as they are called Chicago) are terrific for some dogs, but some people may enjoy the experience more than their dogs. Robin offers four-ways to tell your dog is saying “I prefer not to be here” or “I want to go home.” Pay attention to what the pup is saying. Totally, socialization can be important for some dogs but not all dogs. And exercise is really important too – but there lots of ways to exercise dogs.

She says, “A children’s playground isn’t a free for all, a dog park shouldn’t be either.”

We also chat about kenneling facilities and dog daycare – and how to choose a facility. In Illinois, ensure the facility is complying by the fire protection law (which I created).

“Not every facility is great,” she says. “But there are some amazing facilities out there.” She explains what to look for regarding certification. We also discuss the Fear Free certification which will soon be available for daycare and boarding facilities, and why that’s important.  We also discuss staffing (one person for every 10 to 15 dogs at the most); ask about training of staff; and that a human being (not a camera) should always be in the room with the dog(s). Camera’s aren’t a bad idea so you can see what’s happening from a remote location. And simply, ‘Is your dog happy upon arrival?’  Also, what kinds of activities – all day play should no longer be the model, and naptime should be a part of the dog’s day as well.


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