Saved By a Pit Bull Superhero


All dogs are loyal – but these sorts of stories seem to happen an awful LOT with dogs described as Pit Bulls.

Angela was leaving the playground in Port Charlotte, FL with her two year old son, when something unimaginable happened. An unknown man attacked them at knife point..

It seemed no one was around. They might have been killed – or at least Angela thought she might die.

Then, out of nowhere – it wasn’ t a bird, a plane or even Superman – it was a super hero dog, a male 65-lb. Pit bull. He charged and drove the would be attacker off.

Some might not believe this story – because there was a Pit Bull involved. Some are so adamant (and mistaken) in their views of Pit Bulls, they can see it no other way. However, the story gets even better. This dog had never previously met the people who’s lives he may have saved.

As the dog fended off the bad guy, Angela grabbed her daughter and made a mad dash for the car. Just as she was about to close her door – in jumps the dog into the back seat – as if he belonged there…..Together they all waited for police to arrive.

If no one claims the dog, Angela told reporters she will adopt him. I think he’s already adopted her, and her daughter.

This story was sent by Facebook friend Brian. It’s not a new story but it’s an important one.