Saving Cat Lives Without a Sneeze


What if there was a cat food which helps people to save cat lives?

One of the most common allergies on the planet are allergies to cats. For many people with cat allergies, this is their explanation for not owning a cat or for giving up a cat to a shelter, or just letting the cat live outdoors only.

It’s clear – if somehow it was possible to eliminate or even diminish allergies to cats – it means more cats live because more cats would be adopted and fewer cats given up. That’s not to mention more comfortable people, since millions popping decongestants and taking allergy shots insist on living with cats and suffer through the experience. They no longer need to suffer or spend money of allergy products.

Well, it’s happened – a cat food, called Purina Pro Plan LiveClear, negates the protein in cats’ saliva, called Fel d 1, which causes the allergic response in humans.

Cats are fastidious groomers who deposit that Fel d 1 protein on their bodies as they groom themselves, and over time the Fel d 1 protein sheds or drops off and sticks to the floor, to furniture, to walls and to us when we pet cats.

Dr. Ebenezer Satyaraj, director of Molecular Nutrition at Purina, thought using an egg product, added to cat food, might solve the allergy problem in humans. Many years and several studies later, it turns out his hypothesis proved correct.

Investigators first demonstrated safety. The intent was never to destroy the Fel d 1 protein, since no one knows if cats somehow benefit by this protein. So, Satyaraj’s objective was to neutralize the protein. After demonstrating product safety his team began to show effectiveness and lessening or eliminating allergy symptoms, which he replicated several times. In one of those studies, 97 percent of cats showed reduced Fel d 1 levels compared to baseline; 86 percent of cats showed at least a 30 percent reduction of Fel d 1 and half the cats showed at least a 50 percent reduction of Fel d 1. Studies have been peer reviewed published in various places, including allergy journals.

No question – this science is ground-breaking.

It’s a first: Pet food was created for people. Absolutely, the diet is complete and balanced for cats – but the idea is to benefit humans. And in doing so, cats win!

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