Saving Lives on Both Ends of the Leash: K9’s for Warriors


K9’s for Warriors is an amazing non-profit organization, as they rescue dogs (often scheduled to be euthanized), train these dogs as service dogs and then pair them with veterans with post traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD). Listen HERE, as Rory Diamond, CEO of the K9’s for Warriors elaborates further on Steve Dale’s Other World, WGN Radio. 

The risk of suicide is nearly one every hour for veterans with PTSD, that’s unless they happen to have a service dog. With a dog the suicide rate falls in line with the general U.S. population. With a service dog fewer drugs are required or no drugs at all. Diamond explains many of the drugs require other drugs to control side-effects. Living with a dog has zero adverse effects. The veterans with service dogs are more likely to be employed as well.

Diamond notes that Merrick Pet Care has contributed over $1 million in food and treats to K9’s for Warriors.

As for the World’s Largest Dog Wedding, hoping to break the Guinness Record, October 2 at Northwestern Medicine in Geneva a significant portion of the proceeds benefits K9’s for Warriors. Register HERE to participate.