Senator Don Harmon on Bobcat Hunting in Illinois


How can hunting bobcat in Illinois even be considered? Gradually, the cats are making some sort of comeback….but we’re hardly overwhelmed with them, they’re not a “nuisance animal.” In fact, the reclusive cats are rarely seen. Yet, somehow, hunting these cats will now be allowed in Illinois. Governor Rauner signed the bill into law, despite objections of most Illinois residents (including downstaters). On Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio,

Illinois State Senator Don Harmon  says “I’m stunned!” Listen HERE to my conversation with Sen. Harmon

He says some say the animals are a threat to children. Well, that’s the most absurd allegation. Bobcat do not threaten children. I’m not sure what the ‘issue’ is that would support killing these beautiful animals. Except that some people just “like” to hunt for “sport.” And that Rauner wanted to flex a political muscle or two, and this isn’t as much about bobcat as it is about politics.

Harmon will propose legislation to attempt to prevent pelts from being sold, and he’s serious about this.