Senior Military Working Dogs Available for Adoption


Senior military working dogs can be adopted. And what a great way to demonstrate your patriotism as well as to save these dogs, all of them have served with honor.

To be clear, according to the U.S, military, around 90 percent of the military working dogs are adopted to heir handlers following their combined service to the country. However, for various reasons, some are not.

The dogs must be adopted from the Lackland Air Force Base, near San Antonio, TX.. There are also organizations like Mission K9 Rescue, which help facilitate adoptions of contract military working dogs, which are often harder to reunite with their handlers.

The trainee puppies who don’t make the cut for active duty have bene for several years now easily adopted, the older K9s yearn for a home but according to Lackland officials are often overlooked. Like all older dogs, they deserve a chance. Of course, they’ve done nothing wrong. What’s more, many of these dogs have been military heroes.

Most retired military working dogs are Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs or Belgian Malinois, all averaging ages 10 to 12-years. All dogs are approved to be behaviorally and medically sound.

The family wanting to adopt the senior dogs:

  • Must apply and be interviewed by the military to ensure it will provide for the dog and to answer questions about other pets in the home.A family usually cannot have young children.
  • Unfortunately, most of he The dogs may not be good fits for families with kids under age five years.
  • A family must be willing to travel to San Antonio to get the dog.

If you are interested in adopting a retired military working dog, contact the officers at or call 210-671-6766. Visit Lackland Air Force Base’s website for more info.

Please spread the word and help increase the chances of adoptions for our loyal K9 veterans.