Separation Anxiety Discussion and New Pet Ideas on Shark Tank


Do you happen to have a dog with separation anxiety? Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Chris Pachel talks HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio about canine separation anxiety – what it IS and what it IS NOT. And also discussed are myths regarding dogs with separation anxiety. However, separation anxiety is awful on both ends, the dog having a panic attack and the people who live with that dog so concerned about their belongings and about their dog.

What can people do to deal with dogs who have separation anxiety? Are dogs truly guilty when they “act guilty” after having an accident indoors or tearing up a pillow because of separation anxiety?

Why are psycho-pharmaceuticals may be required (and there is one specifically FOR dogs with an FDA label claim for separation anxiety) or a product called Calmer Canine, which relies on targets pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Dr. Pachel says you can actually make both choices with a goal to ween off the drug(s).

Also, discussed are various behavior modification options. Most important, Dr. Pachel says, separation anxiety can be treated.

Half tongue-in-cheek, as people went back to work post COVID; do people have separation for their dogs?

Mella Pet Care

Ben Seidman is the COO and co-founder of Mella Pet Care, HERE on WGN Radio . It turns out that not only do pet parents love their ideas, so did Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. One product is a pet friendly and user friendly way to take a pet’s temperature (101 to 102.5 being normal for dogs/cats), and another keeps tabs on a pet’s weight, as the Biggie Body Scale allows you to monitor a pets’ well-being by calculating weight, body fat percentage and  body condition score.