She Was Only a Dog


Thank you for the many hundreds of comments in social media, as well as the email and other notes regarding the sudden loss of our dog Ethel, as a result of hemangiosarcoma (cancer that arises from the cells that line blood vessels of various tissues of the body. The tumors invade and erode blood vessels, which can cause a considerable amount of blood to seep into the abdominal or chest cavity. Death is often very fast.)

Robin and I are both touched and grateful for the most of the comments….most of them.

One comment did read, “I feel bad for you, but she was only a dog.”

My reply:

Only a dog sees you every day with the same joy she did on the previous day. A dog’s love is the most dependable guarantee of a relationship there is at a time when few relationships are guaranteed.

Only a dog will always tell you the truth. Dogs don’t lie.

Only a dog knows exactly how you’re feeling…..dogs innately take our emotional temperatures, arguably better than your significant other or your own children.

Only a dog will love you – always and forever and unconditionally.

You are right dear reader – she was only a dog.