Should Dog Trainers be Licensed?


Should dog trainers – who currently may receive certification – also be licensed?  If this does happen, it can only happen state by state. That’s the topic, which you can listen to HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio with Darris Cooper, national training manager at Petco.

Throwing a towel at the dog is actually a way at least one trainer ‘corrects” behavior. How humane or effective is this?

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, when retail stores of all types suffered, Petco took a leap of faith and said no more sales of shock or electric dog collars. However, too many trainers may still use these collar or use aversive and/or punishment-based training methods. Cooper explains these methods don’t solve problems, but often cause behavior problems.

So, should dog trainers be licensed?  All this comes up here as a result of a recent board and train situation, where allegedly the dogs returned to their home after being abused.

I explain about the trainer who “bonks” dogs – and what the fallout is. Still desperate people see that trainer who travels around the country “bonking” or throws rolled up towels at unexpecting dogs.

Discussed is how to choose the right training class and why dog training is so important in the first place.

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