Should I Hop on the Vick Forgiveness Wagon?


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is all over himself praising Michael Vick….Maybe that can be explained….because the Philadelphia Eagles, the team Vick is quarterback for, is doing so well, and Vick is having such a terrific year (all of that means $$$$ for the NFL).

Michael Vick

If you’re cynical, you may suggest Goodell has good reason to forgive the QB. Goodell, though, is hardly alone – I had not seen that Time Magazine awarded Vick a comeback of the year, number 9 among their top comebacks. Time said:

         Having served 18
months in prison, in 2009 the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback was
reinstated to the NFL — from which he’d been suspended two years earlier
— and joined the Philadelphia Eagles. Though his return to the field
got us talking about a comeback.

year, it’s his performance in 2010 that has everyone talking about a
most valuable player designation. Vick racked up remarkable stats in his
spectacular Nov. 15 game, demonstrating that his legacy might yet be
measured in touchdowns and yards, rather than going entirely to the

Now Vick says he wants a dog – you can see the video of Vick saying this, and read my blog with my views. On my blog, so far, each and every person there (and on my Facebook Fan page) says Vick doesn’t deserve a dog, that’s 100 percent. But I’m not sure if that’s representative of the general population, or at least those in the media. This blog from Rick Reilly at argues, enough is enough, it’s time to forgive Vick.    (click continue reading)

I’m just not sure what people want Michael Vick to do? Reilly wonders, “Quit football? Return to prison? Drown himself in the same lake
where he and his crew used to drown dogs? Would he be forgiven then?”

Thousands my have hit my blog post on Vick which just  questions
what’s behind those intentions to say he wants a dog…contrasting to
over 15,000 that have checked out the ESPN blog. The ESPN piece has been
out there much longer, but still I wonder…There are Vick protest
pages on Facebook, yes…But Vick’s uniform is the Eagles’ top seller,
tickets to the games are sold out in Philly….and now the many blogs,
broadcast pieces and articles on forgiveness. Am I not forgiving enough?
Are others seeing something I am not?