Sick Puppies: They're Sold From a Pet Store, No Wonder


No surprise….a pet store dog is going to be from a puppy mill or commercial facility – end of story. So, of course, these dogs are likely to have health and/or behavioral problems.

What’s more, the little mixed breed so-called “pocket pups” or “designer pups,” like Yorkipoos are so tiny they’re likely to have congenital issues.

Just don’t buy from a pet store! 

This segment demonstrates perfectly why laws to ban pet stores from selling dogs (and cats) in the first place makes perfect sense.

One of the defense that those who don’t want the laws suggest is “consumers have a lemon law” at their disposal. And in many states, including Illinois, where this segment aired, that is true. But it’s not so easy to alway use that lemon law, as this TV segment describes. Also, buying a puppy is not like buying a dishwasher. Few develop an emotional attachment to a dishwasher which needs to be returned to the store. With a puppy, people fall in love.

It was interesting that excellent investigative reporter Jason Knowles went to Susan Olsen, from the International Kennel Club of Chicago. Breeders are concerned that laws to limit pet store sales may affect them. I don’t blame them for the concern. But these laws are not meant to target responsible breeders. And NO responsible breeder will ever sell their dogs or cats to a pet store.

When ABC7’s Knowles asks Olsen, “Would you want to get a dog from one of those breeders?” Olsen replies, “I would not.”