Simon's Cat Wants Happier Veterinary Visits


Cats don’t like veterinarians – or that is the common accepted view. I disagree!

Cats, like us, don’t like repeating bad experiences. So, if a previous veterinary visit was perceived as stressful, you bet, the next one will be far more stressful.  When your cat is stressed, then you are stressed….and then the cat becomes increasingly stressed….and the stress snowball begins.

Sometimes it’s not the visit itself, but instead the issue is getting the cat to the vet. And stress begins even as the appointment is being made – if one is made at all.

At the end of the day cats are suffering of diseases which if caught early might have been prevented all because of a lack of veterinary care. Even the best veterinarians can’t diagnose cats they’re not seeing.

These issues have long been concerns of mine (which is why Dan Kramer and I founded the CATalyst Council), and now the American Association of Feline Practitioners is taking action. For starters, seek out a Cat Friendly Practice. The veterinary practices look at the world though ‘cats’ eyes.’ Moreover, throughout the year, I will work with AAFP on education initiatives, all with the goal of happier and healthier cats. Even Simon’s Cat creator is getting into the act.