Since Vick's Arrival, Dogfighting On the Rise in the City of Brotherly Love


Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall is a New York Times blogger, and I credit her for this amazing blog post.

Dr. Karen Overall

Overall, who is at University of Pennsylvania Center for Neurobiology & Behavior in Philadelphia, explained that since quarterback Michael Vick joined the Philadelphia Eagles, reported cases of dogfigting have actually tripled. Hmm…thought Mr. Vick was supposed to reach out to lower dogfighting in the community.

Now, you might say reports increased because of increased awareness. You might say that. But then I also ask this….People see that, yes, Vick spent time behind bars. But they also see that when he gets out, he makes millions. He must be revered in some places, his jersey was among the top sellers on the Eagles even though he wasn’t the starting QB.

Here are some facts about dogfighting:
– While dogfighting is a felony, that’s never the only crime going on, usually drug deals, selling of stolen property, even rape – the list is a long one.
– The dogs themselves and people who fight them threaten good citizens who may live nearby.
– Violence begets more violence – so young people and others brought into fold learn that brutality is acceptable.
– Because violence begets more violence, many who fight dogs are guilty of spousal or child abuse.
So, why can’t we put that on a the back of a football jersey?

That’s Overall’s line, not mine but it’s exactly right!  Thank you Dr. Overall.