Singing in the Rain with Your Dog Is the Answer


Q: It hasn’t stopped raining this spring, and somewhere along the way our dog decided she wouldn’t pee in the grass if it was raining outside. How do we deal with this? — P.J., Kansas City, MO

A: Dog owners are no more anxious than their pets to stand out in the rain on the other end of the leash, and sometimes we make matters worse by expressing our impatience. To solve this problem, act as if your dog is a puppy all over again, and offer praise and a treat the moment she goes, no matter what the weather.

Simultaneously, learn the lyrics to “Singing in the Rain.” When it pours, take your dog outside and have a party! Convince your pet that jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain is tremendous fun.

Once your dog feels comfortable in the rain and walking on wet grass becomes enjoyable, your problem will disappear. However, as you sing and dance in the rain, your neighbors may begin to wonder about you.

©Steve Dale, Tribune Media Services