Six Dogs Die in Hot Car


Leaving one dog in a hot car is awful. Leaving more than one in a hot car is unimaginable.

Six dogs died on June 3 after a woman left them in a hot car in North Charleston, South Carolina.  She didn’t want her dogs to go into the front entrance of the vet clinic because some or all of them were aggressive. So, the woman, from Summerville, South Carolina, reportedly  left the car running with the air conditioner on. No problem, right? After returning to her vehicle about 45 minutes later, she found that the motor had turned off and all her dogs were in distress. They all ultimately died.

She was charged with confining a canine in a motor vehicle and may face a potential jail sentence and a fine.

How quickly does it get scorching hot inside a car? I find out first-hand by sitting in a hot car myself, and videotaping the experience.

I have no clue what happened regarding the motor of her car. Do motors just shut off? I don’t know. I am not a mechanic. Should she have left her car for 45 minutes?

Why didn’t she wait inside the car? I can’t say. I suppose there’s a lesson to be learned.