Skincare Derm Diva on Steve Dale’s Other World


Sofia Vergara

So much skin in the game with Renata Block, dermatology Physician Assistant, Derm Diva and Skincare blogger and educator. I talk with Renata Block HERE on my WGN radio Sunday afternoon program, Steve Dale’s Other World.

Block says, sunscreen even in snow

Renata begins by asking how you can be Sofia Vergara, or at least have skin like her skin.

Renata is not a fan of the sun. We talk about how need vitamin D but also how destructive rays from the sun are. She’s a fan of folks regularly checking their vitamin D levels.

What about damage from wind and just the winter dryness. And all that hand sanitizer, what do you do?

What’s the importance of drinking, I mean drinking water.

How do you know which moisturizer to buy?

Check Renata out, on Instagram @Savvydermdiva and she offers skintellegence visits.