Slain Chicago Police Officer Ella French Celebrated for Loving Dogs: A Special Announcement with Anti Cruelty


Ella French

It was truly an honor and at times emotional to speak with Elizabeth French, mother of slain Chicago police officer Ella French, as she spent a part of her Mother’s Day with me on WGN Radio. Listen HERE to a special announcement made exclusively on WGN with Tracy Elliott, president of Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago.

Elizabeth French has become a kind of spokesperson for remembering fallen police officers like her daughter, and has done so with such grace and strength and compassion,

Ella wanted a better City and to make a difference, and had a particular love for children and animals.

Elizabeth noted how much her daughter stood up for dogs, especially big dogs.

Tracy Elliott at Anti Cruelty Society announces that Bark is the Park is being named for Ella. What’s more, an Ella French Fund is being established to support dog adoption in perpetuity.

Tracy explains how Anti Cruelty is supporting the human animal bond to help to build community in all parts of Chicago.

Bark in the Park in is May 21, beginning at 8 a.m adjacent to Soldier Field. The event includes a dog friendly walk along the Lakefront, and all sorts of vendors selling items for pets and also a live concert…..all to support pet adoption and a wide array of programs from Anti Cruelty.