Snake in the Spice Aisle


Helaina Alati was browsing the spice aisle of an Australian supermarket in Sidney when she experienced what most would associate with a nightmare. Suddenly, the head of a 10-foot-long snake popped out with tongue flicking furiously. Knowing snakes, though, she realized the tongue flicking only meant the snake was trying to figure out “where am I?” and she recognized the species as a non-aggressive and non-venomous diamond python.

“I was in the spice aisle just looking for something to put on my chicken that night so I didn’t initially see it because it was curled up way back behind the little jars of spices,” Alati said.

Coincidently Alati is a trained snake catcher, said the snake’s head came to within 8-inches of her own.

Supermarket chain Woolworths confirmed in a statement that a “slippery and rare customer was spotted in the spice aisle.” “

Alati said she used her phone to video the snake as it extended its body from the shelf into the aisle before reporting the intruder to supermarket staff.

She explained her unique snake wrangling capabilities, and returned to hear nearby home to grab her snake-catching equipment.

She raced home and returned to the store, successfully captured the serpent and released the snake in a nearby forested area without a problem.

It’s unclear how or when the snake entered the supermarket.