Snake on the Dining Room Table


I understand the complaint regarding coyotes among those in the U.S., but they’re not a threat to people and with precautions aren’t a threat to our pets. Compare that to what happened this week in Jimboomba, Australia. Imagine getting ready to sit down for dinner and finding a carpet python on your dinner table An image of the constrictor resting on the homeowner’s dining room table was posted to Facebook  by relocation business Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher,

The story gets worse. Apparently, the snake had recently swallowed a rat. Does this mean the homeowner had a rat in her home? If so, the good news is that this non-venomous snake served as an exterminator. The bad news is now she needed to hire a company to humanely relocate the snake, not to mention the concern about having a rat in the house. Nature at work – all in her dining room.