Banfield State of Pet Health 2016


Banfield the Pet Hospital offers the State of Pet Health annually. With 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cat patients across their our hospitals, they arguably have the most data in veterinary medicine.

On the national Steve Dale’s Pet World, hear my conversation with Dr. Kirk Breuninger, applied research and knowledge from Banfield says the big headline this year is that finally, it seems, the prevalence of heartworm in dogs is down (at least some). Of course, there shouldn’t be any heartworm, since this is a preventable disease.

We talk fleas too! Cats are not so much enjoying flea infestations, twice as much as dogs.  No wonder why cats are twice as likely to be diagnosed with tapeworms (carried by fleas) compared to dogs.

Tooth resorptions are increasing in cats too – not sure why, but the increase of this painful condition is over 1,500 percent over the past 10 years or so, which is crazy.

Here’s the State of Pet Health 2016 Report.