Stay Present with Your Dog; Decoding Your Cat


Dr.Heather Loenser

Beginning Steve Dale’s Pet World with Dr. Heather Loenser, senior veterinary officer of the American Animal Hospital Association discusses those dogs who might do too much too fast when the weather warms HERE on WGN radio.

Now, when it gets really hot out the dogs Dr. Loenser is most concerned about are the braceophallic dogs or dogs with pushed in faces, and limited airways like Pugs, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pekingese, Japanese Chins, Boston Terriers, Boxers and others.  This all means these dogs have difficulty keeping cool, sometimes even at 75 degrees. It’s cool for you, not for them. She says, “I’ve seen a lot of heat stroke in early summer.” So we talk about what the signs of that – before the heatstroke actually occurs. She explains how a dog’s tongue also tells the story, and what the drool looks like.

We agree and discuss why it’s important to pay attention to your dog as your walk your dog, not your phone. Stay present with your dog!

So with COVID-19 still around, do you allow people to pet your dog? Do you allow other dogs to say ‘hi’ to your dog, even?

More rats – how is that an issue? Or rat poison that a dog may get into.

Jewelry for Pet Lovers

Chicago area jewelry designer Graziela Kaufman sells her products around the globe, and is a big deal with Hollywood show-biz types. That’s all good – but her real focus is giving back to save animals, via MCP Rescue and Outreach and her Pawsitively pet collection.

She talks about how she is using her passion for gemstones to support homeless animals.

MCP is greatly about taking some dogs others simply will not for medical or behavior reasons. So, the money goes to really save lives.

Since celebrities buy here jewelry, she drags the celebs into saving animals.

Decoding Your Cat

Dr. Liz Bales, Dr. Meghan Herron and Steve

Listen HERE to veterinary behaviorist Dr. Meghan Herron is a co-editor of Decoding Your Cat, now available for pre-order on Amazon. This book tails Decoding Your Dog, both books I was honored to contribute, and both books were authored by members of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

So far, Decoding Your Dog has sold over well over 30,000 copies.

The idea is to debunk myths about cats (which there are so many), understand what is normal and natural, recognizing early signs of illness and much more – and all done the best, those veterinary behaviorists. So many issues – even with experienced cat owners – are misunderstood.

HERE, Dr. Liz Bales and myself talk about Decoding Your Cat with Dr. Herron.

Preorder a copy of Decoding Your Cat.

Heat Sensing Canine Nose

Also, how a dog’s nose is like a vampire bat?