Steve Dale on Daytime Chicago on Cold Weather Safety and #Betty White Challenge


Baby, it’s cold out with more days like this to come. Do our pets really need coats/jackets, and revealing some secrets about preventing ice-balls in the paw pads, all on Daytime Chicago with Tonya Francisco and Amy Rutledge.

Also, offered some Betty White anecdotes, and explained the #Betty White challenge. And although, Betty would have LOVED this idea of celebrating her birthday, January 17, by giving to a favorite animal shelter, she did have her two personal favorite animal organizations. She served with the Morris Animal Foundation and Los Angeles Zoo for decades. We had an unspoken agreement, if I mentioned the Morris Animal Foundation, which I was always happy to do, she would do the interview – and for as long as I wanted. I think I got the better end of that “deal.” The Morris Animal Foundation has set up a fund in Betty’s name, the Betty White Wildlife Fund.

Hazel may be 9-years old but she don’t look a day over 5-years old, and acts in so many ways like a 2-year old. I was honored to show her off, and she is available for adoption from the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago. Hazel is considered a special adoption because she has some dental issues and there’s a (benign) cyst on her eyelid (which is tiny). Hopefully, someone sees this video or saw the segment live and will provide a home for her. She deserves it!

More tips on cold weather pet safety.

More on Steve Dale and Betty White’s interconnections. 

This was my first appearance on Daytime Chicago, and I loved it – the anchors/hosts just so incredibly nice.