Steve Dale with WGN Radio's Bill Leff


Listen HERE to my appearance on WGN Radio with my old friend (I don’t mean that he is that old), Bill Leff.

We talked about Puss ‘n Boats (a benefit for the Tree House Humane Society), a dog with separation anxiety and a dog afraid of other dogs, lots in my ebook Good Dog! about all sorts of behavior problems, including these. Lots more in the ebook (another ebook also called Good Cat!) than time on radio permits. I also explain how to whistle for a taxi.

Bill and I debate on dogs dining out (at restaurant side walk cafes)…. a good idea – or not. Offer an update the recent plethora of brands involved in a pet food recall happening now. Also, on my most recent WGN Radio Petcast speak with Sgt. Mark George of the Chicago Police Department Animal Crimes unit about the off duty police officer’s who’s dog killed another dog, and then he walked away. I also talk about a zoo chimpanzee who is plotting against human beings.