Steve Dale Purrs on Part Two of the Purr Podcast


On the Purr Podcast, Dr Jolle Kirpensteijn and Dr. Susan Little ask me many questions in part two of our conversation. Listen HERE, as we begin by talking about the Winn Feline Foundation.

I offer a few examples of the difference Winn Feline has made for cats, and one easy and dramatic story is how Winn supported Dr. Paul Pion’s then “crazy” notion that cats were getting sick and even dying of dilated cardiomyopathy because there wasn’t enough of an amino acid, called taurine, in cat foods. It turns out he was 100 percent correct, and Winn Funded those studies.  We talk about more recently funded Winn studies, like what stem cell therapy can do for GI disease in cats.

Winn is funding a study to learn if cats may be more suited to partner with autistic children than dogs.

Surprising Dr. Susan Little for the work that she did for the Winn Feline Foundation

Little oughta know, she’s a past President of the Winn Feline Foundation and the reason I have been on their Board of Directors for about 13 years.

We talk about signaling in cats, how cats do always and always and always communicate with us – even if we don’t get what they’re “saying.”

I talk about why it is SO important that wheever there is a behavior change, it may be because of a medical issue. I talk about a book called Decoding Your Cat, coming out in 2020, which follows the book Decoding Your Dog (which I co-edited).

News about millennials:  They’re going to the veterinarian. And while millennials are certainly liking their dogs, but LOVING their cats. It’s cat cafe’s and cat yoga and all the rest which millennials are creators of. Those Instagram cat stars were originally created by millennials too.

Most of all for me personally, I got to hang out with Dr. Kirpensteijn and my former number one, the amazing Dr. Susan Little.

If you missed it, Listen to Part One of my Purr Podcast conversation with Dr Jolle Kirpensteijn and Dr. Susan Little HERE.