Steve Dale Talks with Brother of Detained Journalist Danny Fenster


Listen HERE to my conversation with Bryan Fenster, brother of journalist Danny Fenster, who is currently detained in Myanmar, from my Steve Dale’s Other World program, WGN Radio.

Danny was detained by security forces on May 24th when making his way back home to the Detroit area after his on-going work to cover stories in Myanmar. Following the military take-over of the nation, the government has crumbled and many have died, and other like Danny jailed.  Or presumably jailed at one of the worst prisons on earth, but as Byran explains, the family knows so little.

Bryan provides the backstory as to what led Danny to Myanmar, expresses his frustrations with the Myanmar government as they’re not willing, so far, to work with the U.S. Embassy to release him; and shares his optimism for a breakthrough, maybe this this week.

To learn more and to sign the petition to bring Danny home, visit: and use this hashtag: #bringdannyhome.

personal note: Honestly at the end of this interview, I was about to cry. You can probably hear it in my voice.