Steve Dale with Bill and Wendy on What Dogs Can Do


Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder and myself talk about amazing things dogs can do on WGN Radio, Listen HERE.

From a dog named Chaser who can identify hundreds of toys, to dogs that can identify cancers. We spoke about the Ron Santo Diabetic Alert Foundation, and how Ron Santo once called in on my show saying “My dog doesn’t like me.” We also talked about how the Chicago-based Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness is working with a vet school on teaching dogs to identify this often hidden cancer. A listener phoned in about a dog who saved his life as we was having a heart attack.

Wendy talks about her dog Tiki’s odd tickle experience.

I also mention National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, September 27. In Chicago, a march down Michigan Avenue, starts at 420 N. Michigan Ave. at noon.  I will lead the group of hundreds of humans and dogs! I hope to see you there!

Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control’s big Big Night benefit honors me, that’s right little ole’ me, October 8. I hope to see you there  at the Chicago Cultural Center, after 6 p.m. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.  Learn more about Big Night HERE.