Steve Dale with Brian Noonan


Brian Noonan fills in for Roe Conn on WGN radio, listen HERE to this guest shot.

Brian Noon on WGN Radio with guest pet expert Steve Dale

Brian Noonan

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We talk about canine influenza virus (dog flu). And I answer various questions. Simply put, if your dog is ever exposed to other dogs, your dog is susceptible to the dog flu (the new strain, called H3N2).

In truth, the dog flu is no longer at epidemic proportions in the area, but dog flu has never gone away. Especially in the Northwest suburbs, the dog flu is still sickening dogs. And not only in the Chicago area, dogs occurs all over the country are getting sick.

Steve Dale

Steve Dale

Now, there’s a vaccine for the newer strain of dog flu, called H3N2.

I also answer a listener question about whether or not cats can get the dog flu.

Another question is about Lyme disease in dogs. If this listener didn’t see her veterinarian for a check-up, she never would have known. In dogs, Lyme is easy, nearly routine (and a part of inexpensive blood test) to diagnose, and especially early on, typically easy to treat. Another another another reason to see your vet for a check-up twice a year.