Steve Dale's Pet Radio Show Returns


I am back on WGN Radio with my own show. Listen here as I made the official announcement with Bill Leff. I never really left WGN, at least not for very long. A few years ago, the station made some changes, that’s no secret. I was one of them….I went to another radio station down the street for about a year , and then instantly returned as a WGN Contributor, a regular with both Bills: Bill Moller and Bill Leff. .Now, back with my own show, I can help pets and inform pet owners, Saturdays from 1 to 2 p.m.

I began Pet Central on WGN in 1997. In 2001, I began my syndicated radio shows, Steve Dale’s Pet World and the Pet Minute. My new WGN Show will be local, but will take the name Steve Dale’s Pet World.

I will continue my monthly appearances with Bill Leff. And move Saturday appearances with Bill Moller to 11:30 AM starting March 30. I will also continue appearing on other WGN Radio shows as asked.

I am so incredibly grateful to WGN’s management (you know who you are) for giving me the opportunity and exposure to help additional pet owners, and therefore to help families.

Pet Central earned a myriad of Awards, from the Dog Writer’s Association of the America, the Cat Writers’ Association and even one from the Humane Society of the United States. During those Pet Central days, I interviewed some of the nation’s top veterinarians, most well known dog trainers, celebrities about their pets, and even Chicago Blackhawks about their pets in a segment called “Here Come the Hawks’ Pets.”

I’m proud of what we able to do with Pet Central.

Kim Okabe, then an editor at Tribune Media Services said this guy has a unique passion for animals and suggested me for my national newspaper column,  I continue to write for Tribune Media Services, going back now nearly 20 years ago. But I never would have thought all those years ago that I would become knowledgeable enough to become certified as a dog and cat behavior consultant (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). And that one day, I might at the 50,000 watt powerhouse, WGN Radio, the same radio station I grew up listening to and worked in college as an intern at.

I had appeared several times with Bob Collins, who was a real dog lover – crazy about his Booger. After one appearance, which lasted the better part of hour – and no one was on the Collins for more than 10 minutes, let alone nearly an hour , at a meeting, the program director suggested adding specialty shows. News director Tom Peterson, I’m told, said, “How about that guy on with Collins this morning? Why not a pet show?”

And that’s exactly what I began to do in June, 1997. I can’t tell you how grateful I was then and I continue to be.

Folks can listen at or in the midwest 720 AM.

Steve Dale on WGN