Steve Dale’s Pet World: Tips on Disaster Preparedness; We Need Bats; Senior Care Guidelines for Cats


Dr. Douglas Kratt, immediate past president American Veterinary Medical Association talks HERE on my most recent WGN radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about zoonosis (illness we can get from animals) when visiting state fairs or other events. And emergency response and your pets; Dr. Kratt offers tips on disaster preparation from the American Veterinary Medical Association. And we discuss dogs who may get sick from mushrooms or algae blooms in ponds or streams.

Going Batty

Dr. Patrick Flynn, incoming president Human Animal Bond Association and professional services veterinarian Zoetis about why bats are SO beneficial. He explains bats are necessary for pollination for many things, ranging from coffee to mangos to tequila; mosquito control (without bats we’d be overrun by mosquitoes and diseases they can carry); and Dr. Flynn even talks about guano or bat poop and that’s beneficial too. A much detailed conversation with Dr. Flynn regarding bats HERE on the Human Animal Bond Facebook page.

Senior Cat Care Guidelines

Dr. Hazel Carney, co-chair of the American Associations of Feline Practitioners Guidelines for Senior Care. We discuss how you can tell if your cat may be in pain as cats are masters at hiding if they are in pain. Intervening early is helpful, says Dr. Carney.  And we talk about a multimodal approach to best help.

Romantic Geese

Goose marriages rarely end in goose divorce, and I tell a true love goose story.