Steve Dale's Pet World, Zoobiquity and Lyme Disease


Zoobquity or one health – how animal and human health come together was the topic of this week’s show with Dr. Richard Goldsten, chief medical officer Animal Medical Center in New York City. Listen HERE to our conversation on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World about the 3rd Zoobiquity Conference , and specifically – as an example of this idea of one health, Lyme disease.  I was honored to speak at a dinner the night preceding the conference, addressing some incredibly smart folks – the best in human and in animal health.

Dr. Goldstein points out Lyme can occur into the winter, unless the ground is covered with inches of snow. And Lyme is more prevalent now than ever in people and pets.

We can surprisingly do more to protect our pets from Lyme disease than we can ourselves, explains Dr. Goldsten.  Learn more about Lyme and tick disease HERE.

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