Steve interviews Senator Durbin about his response to pet food tragedy


April 5. Senator Dick Durbin (D) held a news conference in Wicker Park, just across from a dog friendly area on Chicago’s near north side. Several canines and even one pet bird were among those who attended.

Durbin began the news conference, “Our pets may have no voice – but we do, and it’s up to us to speak up for them. What has happened is unacceptable.” Diane Weber of the Humane Society of the United States and Dr. Elizabeth Robertson of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association spoke, as did Brian Leber, a pet owner from Chicago who says his cat was killed on March 12 as a result of the tainted food. Leber said, “Animals are not property; they are loving, caring members of the family and to be treated as such.”

Eaves drop on Steve’s radio conversation with Senator Dick Durbin

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