Steve the Happy Reindeer


An amazing honor from Miss Mewosky at Barker & Meowsky from the offcial Meowsky newsletter:

Feliz Navidog & Cat
Steve the Happy Reindeer is a Barker favorite because he’s tough, squeaky and has no stuffing.   He is named in honor of Mr. Steve Dale, the 2011 recipient of Ms. Meowsky’s Pet Citizen of the Year Award!

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Steve the Happy Reindeer will be donated to The Lucy Fund of the American Humane Association.

The Lucy Fund helps to support the Hero Dog Awards award for animal assisted therapy; you can read more about Lucy here.

Steve Dale has been helping us get smarter about all things dog, cat, and more for many years via radio, TV, his syndicated columns in newspapers & magazines nationwide and too much more to list here.  Steve has two new ebooks available, “Good Dog!” & “Good Cat!” (out before Christmas), that share his wealth of knowledge.  So, Mr. Steve Dale, congratulations on your award and thank you for everything!

You can order Steve the Happy Reindoor through the Miss Meowsky website.