Stop Insurance Companies Profiling Based on Dog Breed


Listen HERE for myself and King John Williams on WGN Radio talking about how for homeowners and renters insurance if you allegedly have a certain dog breed or mix of breeds, your policy may be cancelled, you may be charged more money or you can’t get a policy in the first place. Ledy VanKavage, senior legislative attorney at Best Friend Animal Society joins us and calls the entire insurance escapade “dirty data.”

Myself with Ledy VanKavage and John Williams at WGN

Thing is if you have an Akita in Illinois, company X may be happy to insure you. However, that same dog in Indiana is uninsurable from the same company or you may pay more to insure just over the border. There’s no uniformity.

So what’s this dog’s breed? Who knows? What we’re saying is, who cares? 

Similar issue, company X may not allow that Akita in Indiana, but company Z has no issue whatsoever with that breed.

At least two company’s are smart enough to have no issue with any breed or mix, State Farm and Farmers Insurance.

VanKavage points out – much to John’s surprise – that no single breed is no predisposed to bite or more likely bite.

Another issue is identifying the dog breed. Often breeds are misidentified anyway, even by pet professionals and veterinarians (as several studies indicate).

And this isn’t only about dog bites, insurance company claims are often a  result of jumping dog happy to see someone or tripping over a dog or even a dog toy.

And listeners who call in, and texters know exactly what VanKavage and I are talking about.

If you happen to live in Illinois, please tell your state Senator to support Senate Bill 2462 led by Senator Linda Holmes (42nd).  The hope is that a similar bill will soon follow in New York State.

Speak Up: Here’s Your Chance:

Please tell your story describe a time you’ve had trouble finding or keeping homeowners/renters insurance because of your dog’s breed (whether actual or perceived). Your contribution, via a short description of your experience HERE, and end this unfair practice.