Stop Puppy Mills


When I write about puppy mills or negligent breeding, defenders suggest there are no puppy mills, or at least “there’s no definition for puppy mills.” Believe me, I wish I never had to report a single story like these two. Now, with social media and video, people can see with their own eyes. Yet, still some argue.

Of course, if there was no market, fewer people would do this to dogs (and sometimes cats). The are two primary markets where people buy pets without really and truly doing their homework: pet stores and online.

Stop buying pet store dogs and support laws so dogs (and cats) can’t be sold at pet stores; and DO YOUR HOMEWORK before purchasing sight unseen online; don’t buy a dog without visiting the facility where the dog was bred first. Or, adopt from a legitimate shelter or rescue in the first place.

About 50 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in rural Hancock County in western Illinois in early January.  The dogs were reportedly kept without heat and were emaciated. The dogs hadn’t been groomed or brushed, so their coats were matted and stinky. Paw Spa, a local pet grooming facility, helped clean the dogs. Twelve of the dogs were brought to Warren County. Since Western Illinois Animal Rescue does not have a permanent shelter, Robbin Avery, animal control officer with the Monmouth Police Department, said Warren County Animal Control Shelter agreed to house the animals until more permanent homes are found.

This story I missed from late last year came out of Westminster, California, in Orange County. This excellent TV report says it all.