Stray the Movie Benefiting Safe Humane Chicago on WGN Radio


Elizabeth Lo

Stray is a beautiful movie which follows a street dog named Zeytin in Istanbul, Turkey. Director Elizabeth Lo explains HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio program how the film came about and even how she kept up with Zeytin and his canine friends as they roamed the City. Truly, you get inside the dog’s head, all done from one stray dog’s perspective of the world.

Zeytin navigates traffic

Zeytin and all the dogs do want to be with people. This is more than merely wanting a handout. Lo says that she wanted to define and actually see on- screen how a street dog makes decisions.

It’s might be best to have a watch party with your dog.

Safe Humane Chicago


One way to see the film is to order tickets through Safe Humane Chicago’s website, which benefits this Chicago based non-profit which saves court case dogs and supports humane education.

A conversation with Safe Humane Co-Founder and CEO Cynthia Bathurst notes that she watched the film Stray and was instantly hooked, and explains why. Bathurst notes what Michael Moore says about the film.  Watching a film through Safe Humane’s ticketing page includes a panel discussion with Director Cynthia Lo, and various experts moderated by Jeanne Sparrow.

Bathurst reveals the amazing work Safe Humane Chicago does, as a community welfare organization inspiring positive relationships between people and companion animals. She explains Safe Humane continues to support court case dogs.  We also discuss how Safe Humane supports humane education for children, including the importance of training – and positive reinforcement training – for dogs. Might it be that if people are kinder to animals, they will be kinder to one another?

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