Superheroes Batman and Wolverine to the Rescue for Pet Gotcha Day on WGN Radio


I make WGN radio history- listen here to my scintillating and inspiring  interview with super heroes Batman and Wolverine.. With U.S. Presidents and all the celebrities from Robert Redford to Meryl Streep to appear on WGN, only I have had the honor of interviewing Batman and Wolverine.

The Super Heroes talk about Pet Gotcha Day Heroes to the Rescue which will raise money for pet rescues, November 3, 3 to 7 p.m. at 115 Bourbon Street, located at 3359 West 115th Street in Marionette Park, ILBatman and Wolverine on WGN radio

Pet Gotcha Day is a non profit which uses videos to show homeless pets at their best in an effort to find forever homes.

Interviewing the Super Heroes wasn’t an easy task:

  • Holy Crime-stopper – I try to find out if it is true that Robin and Batman are having a bat-argument. Batman wouldn’t reveal the bat-truth.
  • Is it true that Wolverine’s manicurist quit? Wolverine wouldn’t comment, and I barely was able to scratch the surface.
  • How many parking tickets does the bat-mobile get?  Batman doesn’t get involved in political discussions – but indicates he doesn’t get parking tickets.
  • Batman clearly doesn’t want to speak about Alfred, though probed to learn the truth. I heard he quit for a job as a doorman of a Lake Shore Drive high rise.

Wolverine says he has no pet at home. Batman has a dog breed only known in the ‘bat world,’ called a Labradoria.

Pet Gotcha Day! will also be celebrating and honoring more real every day heroes, our best teachers. Both Crystal Broccardo and Pet Gotcha Day and myself agree teachers are real heroes – and even Batman and Wolverine can’t argue with that.

Tunes will be spun by DJ Ca$h Era (from WGN radio), a buffet dinner, open bar, snow cones, popcorn, raffle items & more. Special Guest Emcee: WGN’s very own Marcella Raymond. Admission is $10 for adults, and $5 for kids at this very family-friendly event. Get your tickets here.

Batman and Wolverine are from Suburban Party Characters