Survey on Pet Travel: Those With Pets vs. Those Without Pets


Over 1,000 people surveyed about traveling with pets from the travel savvy website, Upgraded Points.

As Thanksgiving nears followed by Christmas, pet travel is on the rise. Increasingly, people do seek to hit the road with all their family members. Others are passionate about leaving their pet at home. Still, another perspective – rarely asked in surveys like this – viewpoints of those who don’t have a pet.

On Traveling With a Pet:

  • Pet Owners: Two-thirds of pet owners would bring their pet whenever they travel if possible.
  • Non-Pet Owners: One-third of those are uncomfortable sharing airplanes with pets in the same cabin.

On Traveling With a Pet Versus a Child

  • Pet Owners: Over one in four pet owners say they would rather travel with their pet than their child.
  • Non-Pet Owners: 57 percent of non-pet owners would rather sit next to a pet on a plane than a child.

On Road Trips Versus Flights:

  • Pet Owners: Most pet owners (70 percent) would prefer an 8-hour road trip compared to a 2-hour flight with their pet.
  • Non-Pet Owners: Just over half of non-pet owners (55 percent) would prefer a 2-hour flight next to a pet rather than an 8-hour road trip with one.

Pets First:

  • 83% of pet owners have reported altering their travel plans to better accommodate their pet’s needs.
  • Many pet owners still opt to travel with their pets for various reasons, including financial considerations and the emotional attachment to their furry companions.
  • 33 percent of pet parents would opt for a standard vacation with their pets instead of traveling to their dream destination without their furry friend.

Pet Travel Policies

  • Only a quarter (26 percent) of pet owners are passionate about advocating for stronger pet-friendly travel policies and regulations.
  • Among non-pet parents, 33 percent believe regulations should actually be stricter as long as pet parents aren’t inconvenienced, and 41 percent would support more regulations regardless of the impact on pet owners.

On Pet-Friendly Hotels:

  • Pet Owners: Three quarters (75 percent) of pet owners would pay more for a pet-friendly hotel so their pets can travel with them.
  • Non-Pet Owners: One quarter (25 percent) of non-pet owners would not stay at an Airbnb or rental property that was marketed as pet friendly; 19 percent would only do it as a last resort, while just over half (56 percent) say pet-friendly or not doesn’t impact their decision on where to stay.
  • In terms of booking a pet-friendly hotel, pet owners place the highest value on pet-friendly attractions (49 percent), followed by in-room pet amenities (41 percent), and designated pet relief areas (40 percent).

 Dog owners typically spend around $203 when traveling with their canine companions and $250 when leaving them at home (being boarded or with a pet sitter). Meanwhile, cat owners spend approximately $131 when traveling with their feline friends, compared to $136 when their cats remain at home.