Susan Gingrich: PURRsuing FIP, Cats Are Now Winning


Susan Gingrich has raised upward nearing a million dollars for FIP or feline infectious peritonitis studies since she launched the Bria Fund with the  non-profit funder of cat health studies, the Winn Feline Foundation. Not only has Gingrich provided pet parents resources for help, she has personally been an empathetic ear for people to lean on when needed the most. Scientists from around the globe attended the Winn Feline Foundation Symposium on FIP, called Purrsuing FIP and WINNing on the campus of the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis. Though certainly, it’s the researchers who did the hard science – it wouldn’t have gotten done without the dollars raised by Gingrich.

The two-day Symposium revealed much, and for the first time veterinarians agreed that FIP, long considered fatal, is now treatable. There’s hope.

As Gingrich spoke so eloquently and with great passion and heart, a video of FIP survivors played in the background. That’s right, FIP survivors! This is a moment in time which so many veterinary professionals, and even Susan Gingrich, doubted would ever happen.