Tails that Teach


Tails That Teach is a non-profit that partners with school and animal organizations around the country to promote kindness and empathy towards animals.  Executive Director Lisa Wiehebrink joins the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show to share her messaging.

We talk about two Tails that Teach children’s books that she authored: Love Me Gently: A Kids Guide to Man’s Best Friend and Grey Whiskers: A Kids Guide to Growing Older. Lisa says, “If we can teach children how to be kind to animals, there’s a really good chance they’ll be kind to people too.” Lisa says that the goal is to instill a lesson in kindness, and also motivate kids to read. Learn more at www.tailsthatteach.org.

Here’s a FREE version of my kids’ book My New Puppy (which you can print out, and kids or adults can color in).